Egypt's Western Desert:
Carlo Bergmann's Discoveries

Seit 1982 verbringt Carlo Bergmann die Hälfte des Jahres in der Libyschen Wüste. Alleine wandernd, seine Kamele im Schlepptau, folgt er längst verlassenen, alten Karawanenwegen. Auf diesen Wanderungen machte er sensationelle Entdeckungen.

Since 1982 Carlo Bergmann has been spending his (winter) time in the Libyan Desert. Mostly walking alone, his camels on his coat-tails, he followed long forgotten caravan roads. 'Reading' the barren landscape while covering more than 75,000 desert-kilometres on foot rewarded him with exeptional discoveries.

Carlo Bergmann, Amur, Ashan and Maqfi at Djedefre' s Water Mountain. Parts of the dry stone wall of the 4th dynasty camp to be seen in the background. (image by Janine El-Saghir)

Results of Winter 2011/12 Expeditions
Results of a visit to Gebel Uweinat and two visits to the Gilf Kebir in November/December 2011. Further evidence of a Neolithic desert religion in the region of the Gilf Kebir. (PDF, 133 MB, published on 7/10/2012)
Attachment to Results of Winter 2011/12 – expeditions, chapter 6.111, documentary of the SLD-SI-5 libation test (published on 7/10/2012)