Note concerning the deletion of „Report on a raid at Gebel Uweinat in February 2008“:


For the time being, the content of this page has been deleted as the purpose of informing those who are planning a journey to the Gilf Kebir and to Gebel Uweinat about possible dangers, has been met by public discussion of the recent events.


To counter doubts whether or not I was present on the occasion of the raid (which took place on 2/18/2008 and lasted until 2/29/2008) I submit here:


a.) The invoice of El Shourouk hospital, Cairo of 2/3/2008 where I was treated because of pneumonia.


b.) The invoice of Turkish Airlines concerning my flight back to Germany on 2/17/2008.


c.) A copy of my passport with exit stamp proving that I left Egypt on 2/17/2008.






Sehlis 9/28/2008


Carlo Bergmann